Considering the Most Helpful Tips for Identifying Roof Hail Damage

Hail damage can be extremely problematic when it comes to residential roofing damage. Your roof might look great from afar, but once you get closer, you’ll see exactly why you must call on your local
hail damage repair roofing Crystal Lake experts for regular maintenance: that last hail storm might have damaged some of the shingles so bad, that it caused leaks that are already affecting your attic.

hail damage roof inspection

So, you already know that you have to act. But what should you do first? Well, to get started, it’s important to check the roof for damage and have someone check the attic at the same time. If there is an area that seems worse than the others, consider calling your local roofers to find out if the damage has already led to a leak.

Hail damage most commonly affects the surface of your roof – meaning the actual shingles and the flashing. It can also affect skylights and chimneys, depending on how strong their construction might be.

To spot hail damage more efficiently, make sure you check not just for larger holes and dents in your roofing shingles, but also for small cracks that, at first glance, aren’t visible enough. Nevertheless, their identification is important, since they may still pose a threat down the line.

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