Getting Your Roof Ready for Fall

The fall is almost here, which means that many regions will soon start to deal with rainy days and lower temperatures. If you have not yet prepared your roof for this season, you still have time to do it. If you want to have a safe roof to protect your home and keep you safe during the cold half of the year, do the following basic operation.
gutter clean up
Exterior inspection of the roof
In the beginning of autumn, have roofing Crystal Lake technicians inspect your roof in order to detect any minor problem. In particular, you must check the state of the drainage system (which is responsible for evacuating the rainwater as far away from the facade of the house as possible) and any cracks in the tiles or shingles.
Roof insulation
Every roof must be insulated for two reasons: to reduce the risk of water infiltration and avoid the formation of thermal bridges that favor heat losses, condensation and mold.
Clean the roof periodically
Another step in preparing the roof for the autumn is cleaning it. You must remove debris, as well as moss, lichens and other elements that may affect its structure. It is particularly important to collect fallen leaves, because they can clog the drainage system and allow water infiltrations.

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