DIY Roof Replacement Information

Roofing projects are dangerous, there is no question about it, whether we talk about new roof installation, repairs or maintenance. Attempting to do yourself any of these tasks should be planned carefully, or trusted to a professional roofer, otherwise you risk not just a faulty installation, but also injuries. Most homeowners consider a DIY roofing project to save some money, but this should not be the only criteria; such a project comes with pros and cons. Here is an overview:If you are qualified, or at least possess some necessary skills and knowledge involved in the process, then you will probably manage to save some money, in deedYou make your own scheduleYou are being in charge, not to mention that the person who represents your best interests is always yourselfYou do not have to worry about evaluating roofing companies in your search for a good and trusty contractorOn the other hand, there are disadvantages:A roofing project takes time and working on your own will make it even …

Hail Damage Repair Experts in Illinois

Hail is consistently one of the most damaging and devastating weather phenomena, and if you've recently been affected by it in Schaumberg or Itasca, you need a hail repair damage expert you can trust. As a licensed public adjuster, we are also able to assist residents throughout Illinois, including those in the cities of Streamwood, Elk Grove Village, Bensenville, Wood Dale, Roselle, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, Schiller Park, Elgin, Franklin Park, Addison, Sleepy Hollow, Gilberts, and Rosemont.

No one should feel like they're alone when dealing with the after effects of a major hail storm. Call Gold Standard today to see why we're the number one choice for hail damage repairs or roof replacement.

[Read the Weather Channel's "Hail: The Most Underrated Costly Weather Disaster" here]

Taken from the article:
"It may not capture your attention, fear or fascination like a landfalling hurricane or tornado outbreak, but hail is consistently one of the most damagi…

Restoring Older Homes

Some of the greatest gems in Chicago are older homes, but if you buy one you're going to want to know what to do to get it up to code and livable. With so character, it takes the right amount of love and vision to turn historic homes into something you can be proud of. It needs to reflect your personality while maintaining the integrity of the original fixtures. Gold Standard Restoration can transform your Crystal Lake home from the roofing to the paint, making even an 1850s building into the home of your dreams. [See more "This Elegant 1850s Home Used to be Packed With Tacky Furniture and Decor" here]Taken from the article:
"When Theresa and Michael Drapkin relocated to Kingston, New York, in 2013 to open Kingston Wine Co., they took their time house hunting. And things didn’t start out all that promising on the summer day when they agreed to meet their real estate agent at a home in a historic waterfront neighborhood.Although the couple immediately liked the exte…

Do You Need A Public Adjuster In Chicago?

If you own an insurance policy and want to make a claim on your damaged roofing Crystal Lake home, the first logical step is to contact your insurance company and talk to a representative.Compared to these insurance adjusters, who are employees of the insurance companies, public adjusters work for policyholders. You can hire a public adjuster whenever you feel that the claim amount offered by your insurer is not fair and, despite the efforts, there is no more room for conciliation.These professionals are trained to deal with such situations, being experts in the specific language of the policies and equipped with competitive evaluation methods that help them correctly represent their client.Public adjuster can also be hired by policyholders who are simply too busy to deal with the entire claim process on their own. This process is definitely not easy, involving filling and submitting the claim, evaluating, gathering evidence, estimating the damage, talking and negotiating with an insu…

Best Schools in the Chicago Area

Have you just moved to Chicago with your family? Getting past that initial period of adjustment and disorientation after a move isn’t easy – especially when your family depends on you, and you have to find the best solutions available in a largely still unknown area. Fortunately, the school system in Chicago is pretty advanced, and if you have kids who have to continue going to school as quickly as possible, the following tips should help you out.   Seek out schools with good overall reputation. The reputation of a school is oftentimes its most “sacred” quality, especially since bad reputation spreads quickly, especially in a large city like Chicago. So if a school you find has good overall reputation then you’ve definitely made the right choice.Look for the best schools in your immediate area. Chicago features one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, and not all neighborhoods will be as friendly as the one you just moved to. Also, it can be too expensive to send your kid…

Best Suburbs to Live in Near Chicago

So you decided to move to Chicago, and just about any suburb in the area would do, as far as you’re concerned. But what is it like to live in the famous Chicago Metropolitan Area, and what do the various neighborhoods and suburbs have to offer? Knowing more about them and about the general feel of the real estate area around Chicago will give you all the information you need to make a good choice regarding which house to buy.Lakes of the Four Seasons is a unique Chicago suburb with plenty of friendly people, great indoor and outdoor activities and several top class restaurants for you to choose from. Safe and in a continual state of improvement with all the new businesses arriving in this period, Lakes of the Four Seasons is definitely one of your top available choices.If you’re moving with your family, you should seriously consider Naperville. This suburb is one of the peaceful in Chicago, and despite the bad traffic you’d hit when commuting to downtown Chicago, Naperville is still c…

Top Real Estate Areas in Illinois

Moving to Illinois can be problematic, since not all neighborhoods are as hospitable or suitable for families. If you want to move here, you’ll have to do some extensive research; however, the following places may give you a head start in finding something a little more special:Beverly is one of the neighborhoods in Chicago where people really seem to get along. If you want to live in the Chicago metropolitan area without being subjected to a harsh environment, this is certainly one of the best places to move to. Peaceful, classy and featuring a few great elementary schools, this is one of the top real estate areas Illinois has to offer.Another great place you can consider in the Chicago area is Edison Park. This is a diverse, safe and clean location located in the northwestern part of Chicago. The people here are genuinely humble and hospitable, and if you’re a fan of nature and exquisite Italian cuisine, you’ll certainly fit right in here.Finally, if you prefer to live outside the C…