The Chicago Job Market Outlook

Statistics of the Bureau of Labor show that the employment rate in Chicago has increased continuously, since 2010.
The largest employment gain of this year was in financial activities; this sector added more than 9,000 jobs - a rate higher than the national average. Professional and business services increased by more than 7,500, while the leisure and hospitality sector received about 3,200 new jobs. Other super sectors that saw an increased employment rate this year are education, health services, information and constructions.
However, there are also sectors that lost jobs in the past 12 months: manufacturing and government. Specialists estimate that now is a good time to find a job in Chicago, as most companies are hiring, and this trend of falling unemployment will continue in 2018. Job data from the Bureau of Labor, regional recruiting firms, as well as from interviews with a number of career experts highlight that the most in-demand jobs are in the following domains:
• IT (data scientist, Java script developer, network security engineer, trading tech programmer)
• Health care (tele-psychiatrist, nurse educator)
• Technically skilled labor (internet–of–things–savvy electrician, wind turbine service tech)
• Finances, sales and nonprofits (sports sponsorship consultant, development director).
Job growth usually leads to growth in other service sectors as well, such as housing and construction. Because more people are feeling financially secure, home improvement and renovation projects are planned. If you are looking into roofing Crystal Lake IL construction or other home improvement projects, check out
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