Pointers for Finding a Job in Illinois Roofing

There are about 150,000 roofers in the US and current statistics show that chances of finding a job as a roofer are pretty good these days, due to the shortage of qualified workers in the entire construction industry.

If you want to work in the roofing sector, you need technical knowledge of roof installation, repairs and maintenance, the ability to work with building plans, knowledge of current roofing materials and equipment, as well as knowledge of the safety regulations. Roofers typically work in teams, so you must be able to communicate well with the others; if you are self-employed, you also need some small business skills.
You do not need specific entry requirements, but if you want to increase the chances of finding a job, you should consider becoming qualified by completing an apprenticeship and then continuing your training at higher levels of specialization. Apprenticeship programs typically last for 3 years and include about 150 hours of classroom training plus about 2,000 hours of practical training while working effectively.
You can apply for an apprenticeship program via the Illinois Department of Employment Security, which developed an Apprenticeship Information Center to offer training opportunities for candidates seeking construction-related jobs.
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